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How to Take Care of Yourself During a Long Flight

So much prestige comes with flying, but it does bring along fatigue and other issues. This is especially so when it’s your first time on a flight. It will be troublesome with the landing and taking off. In worst case scenarios, some people pass out while others throw up. With time, they get used to it and long for similar experiences. However, with longer flights, you have to be fully prepared. It might take a while to get to your destination, but it’s well worth it. Here are ways to feel comfortable on a long flight.

Eat Less

As mentioned earlier, some people tend to throw up during or before take off. To avoid this, eat light before you leave the house. Plan your meals a day before the flight and most importantly, prevent sugary snacks and drinks. If you have to eat during the trip, let it be something small that should keep you going. You are probably going to a new destination that has eating joints you are entirely unaware of.

Being in full knowledge of this shouldn’t prompt you to eat more than you should. Eating less will even see you sleep soundly on the flight till you get to your destination.

Dress Comfortably

people boarding a planeYou are never really going to be comfortable if you wear clothes that limit your freedom. Put something on that will not limit the blood circulation. When you do, you will begin to have some rather uncomfortable feelings such as headaches or dizziness.

Preferably, pick out something loose but trendy. Anything that hugs you tight is a cause for alarm. Not to mention that you won’t enjoy this experience especially if it’s your first. Go shopping a week prior if you don’t have such clothes. Pick as many as you would.Quick tip, carry a change of clothes in case you are traveling with a toddler.

Turn the Music On

A quality pair of headsets comes in handy at such a time as this. Not to mention that it puts a stop to all the noise that comes along with taking off or landing. That’s not all, your preferred music should be able to give you a sense of peace and calm, without which might send you into panic mode. Select an incredible playlist that will have you occupied at least until you have safely landed. Be sure not to turn it on as loud as your eardrums are sensitive. Instead, something soothing should be able to do the trick. Besides, you will not be able to tell how long your flight has lasted with something as valuable as a pair of headphones on.

Take Plenty of Water

If you feel you need to take some fluid, water would be the very best option. Avoid all the other options such as sodas or alcoholic drinks. Water helps you stay hydrated and helps keep headaches and different feelings of nausea at bay. No need to saddle yourself up with gallons of the same. Just carry what you need, and the flight attendant will top it up from where you left off. Be sure to take water at specific intervals only to avoid numerous trips to the bathroom.